• Fix a bug when converting or uploading a file in Windows due to tempfile permission

  • Fix a bug that requires conversion between String and Text column

  • Add compatibility with Python 3.7 and 3.8


  • Fix a bug that requires database name for sql_function

  • No longer requires both read-only and read-write key for setting up the credentials.

    (Use AITO\_API\_KEY instead of AITO\_RW\_KEY and AITO\_RO\_KEY)


  • Integration with SQL. You can now infer table schema, upload data,

    quick add table from the result of a SQL query.

Supported database:

  • Postgres

  • MySQL


  • Change client task to database task

  • Requires Aito instance name instead of full URL (use -i flag instead of -u flag)

  • Support tab completion with arg complete


  • Add quick-add-table, create-table, delete-table, delete-databse, list database operation

  • Remove the option to create and use table schema from file-upload

  • Convert always use standard out

  • Improved documentation